How to buy on eBay with the sniper

Certainly, having communicated with experienced buyers of eBay auction, you will learn that each of them has its own strategy of bidding. After all it is the whole art — to buy a valuable item, not inflated at this price. The real battles are played at auction for good items. If competitors do not buy the goods, at least, will sadden you pleasure of purchase by its high price. Sometimes keen buyers in the heat of passion spread for the goods from eBay much more than it really costs.

Partly the system of auction eBay under the name of "proxy bidding" helps to solve this problem. You have the highest bid you're willing to do (this rate will not be visible to other participants of the trades), and the system starts to bargain for you each time raising the price as soon as someone will interrupt your rate. But, for a selected threshold amount, it will not work. The main drawback of this system is that trades are still open and in most cases, you win the auction if you do not, for a maximum price, it is very close to it. Also do not forget that making the maximum bet, it is impossible to replay all or cancel. If it wins, then by the rules of the auction you must pay for your purchase.

Special services — snipers help to solve this problem. They work very simple. Skilled buyers usually do not take an active part in the auctions, thereby provoking other participants. They do the bid for some seconds before the end of the auction. This tactics also was taken for a basis of the sniper. Its use often allows to avoid virtual war when potential buyers for few minutes or seconds raise the price of the lot to such size that purchase on eBay becomes simply inappropriate. You are authorized in the service; specify the item number and your maximum bid. The sniper will constantly trace the current price of the lot that you are interested in. If some seconds prior to the end of trading it does not exceed the maximum rate set by you the sniper will make only one exact shot. If your rate exceeds the rate of the contender the lot is yours! And it will get to you at the price of equal not your maximum rate, but exceeding the rate of the contender only on one step!

One of snipers for auction eBay is a service For years of the existence it has become popular and in demand. Service is constantly improving, becoming more convenient and functional, and remaining at the same time simple and clear. It has a lightweight and user-friendly interface, which it will not be difficult to understand even for a beginner. If you have any questions about shopping on eBay, professional support team is always at your service.

Rapidcatch is created to save your money. Other bidders can not evaluate your interest in this product, because your bid is not visible. The sniper automatically strikes the target in the last moment, leaving no time for opponents to react. The sniper can trace simultaneously tens and hundreds of lots. And if you have some accounts on eBay you can use with Rapidcatch any of them.

Rapidcatch is your personal assistant. It is completely self-contained and does not require your presence and the computer in gear. You should not sit hours at the monitor and wait for the end of an auction. Full freedom of action!

Rapidcatch gives you the opportunity at any time to adjust your maximum bid or to cancel it if, for example, you decide not to buy a lot or find cheaper option. It radically differs conventional Rapidcatch from the normal (proxy bidding) betting on eBay.

Rapidcatch is able to unite lots in groups. They are used in cases when you add multiple identical units, but you need to buy only one of them. As soon as one lot from group will be won — the rest of the rates will be cancelled.

Rapidcatch is reliable, as it works on the multiple dedicated servers located in different parts of the world and connected to a global network with high-speed channels. Service can be used on any regional site of the eBay.

You can test the service free of charge. If you are interested you can buy premium plan for the period from 1 month to 1 year. The price starts at $5 per month. The variety of proposed methods of payment will choose the most convenient for you.