General questions

What is that?

Rapidcatch is an automatic bid placing system (we call it sniper here) for efficient bidding at online auctions, such as eBay (,,, or any eBay regional site),,,,,,,, and Rapidcatch places a bid instead of you and does it at the most right moment. The used strategy dramatically increases chances not only to win the item but also to win it with the best price.

Why sniper but not manual bidding?

Because it implements whole bidding strategy mechanism under the hood. You just to set the desired price and get notified about the result.

Strategy, strategy… What strategy?

Professional eBay buyers, the ones who live from reselling goods bought on eBay, already have discovered a perfect strategy. The main idea is to place the highest affordable bid at the very last couple seconds. It has to be the biggest amount of money, that you are ready to pay for this item. If other bids appeared to be smaller, then you win the lot with the price either less or equal to your bid. If other competitor placed a higher bid, you lost. But in this case, you would not win it anyway because it was already the maximal possible price for you, and the winner will pay for the lot more than your bid was. For sure, this strategy can be implemented manually with just a browser, but it still is pretty tricky to place the bid in the very last seconds.

And how does it work for me?

So, you decide to try it. 80,294 our customers agree with you. The sniper works pretty easy: after registration you simply paste a link to an auction item to the sniper and point the maximal price you can afford to pay for it. That’s all. At the right moment the bid will be placed and you will get a notification about the bidding result.

So you guarantee that I win the lot?

No, it is not possible to guarantee that. Someone else can bid a higher price or the item can be sold via "Buy it now" button. All these circumstances reasonable makes bidding fail and item lost. But the reason to use sniper is to increase chances to win the lot. We already won 1,947,419 items.

What about security?

You should understand that in order to place a bid from your name we should be able to log in to auction website as you. Thus, we ask to provide login data for an auction. We understand that keeping that data is a serious responsibility, and guarantee that we don’t use them for anything else, except placing your Rapidcatch bids, and don’t disclosure it to any third person or organization. Also, we paid serious attention to possible provocations and sensitive data disclosure through any unauthorized access. We store it encrypted and data storage itself is physically separated from systems with encryption keys. To be absolutely sure we also periodically order security auditions of our software and infrastructure.

Is it legal to place automatic bids?

eBay rules do not prohibit using snipers for automatic bidding. Other auctions too. Once it even happened that auction management asked us to add support for their platform. Sniper does not cheat, it is not any kind of fraud. It is just a strategy with some toolkit, you can do the same in your browser. And all in all, you still bid alongside with other bidders, the higher bid wins, the winner pays for the lot, and the seller gets the money.

What happens if two sniper users bid on the same item?

Although the probability of this happening is very small. In most cases the bidder with the highest max bid will win.

Once again, what is my benefit?

Good, trusted and proven strategy, convenient bids management, automatic bid placing, advanced bidding configuration, multiple supported auctions.